SLIDE Community Guidelines

Welcome to the SLIDE live streaming service. Our commitment is to provide a captivating platform for users to share their content and connect with others in an authentic and positive way. We aim to maintain a fun, safe and respectful environment, and we’ve established the following Community Guidelines, which articulate the rules and expectations on our platform. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules, which will ensure a pleasant and enriching experience for everyone. These guidelines apply to all content, including live streams, pre-recorded videos, images, profile text, messages, and chat, covering both visual and audio content.

Nudity & Explicit Content:

Users are required to dress appropriately during live streams, and nudity or excessively revealing attire is strictly prohibited. This includes any partial or full exposure of genitals, breasts, or buttocks, as well as items like underwear, lingerie, body paint in lieu of clothing, or accessories emphasizing sexual features. Exceptions are allowed for swimwear in appropriate settings (such as a beach or a swimming pool). The prohibition extends to sexual exposure, gestures, harassment, or suggestive acts with objects. All forms of sexual content, including exposure, implications of intent, behavior, pornography, and any adult-related material, are not allowed. Unsolicited sexual advances, including sexually suggestive or explicit content or language that is directed at someone else for the purposes of harassment, is also prohibited.

Youth Safety

The live streaming service is for individuals aged 18 and older, with strict age restrictions enforced to safeguard minors. Participants under 18, as hosts, guests, or in any regular, sustained capacity, are strictly prohibited. Our zero-tolerance policy against youth exploitation encompasses child sexual abuse material (CSAM), nudity, grooming, sextortion, solicitation, pedophilia, and any form of physical or psychological harm to young people. This prohibition applies to all content types, including real, fictional, artistic, and digitally created representations of child exploitation.We also strictly prohibit other types of content that could put minors at risk of harm, including youth abuse, bullying, dangerous activities, exposure to mature themes, and the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or regulated substances. Anyone who observes inappropriate content involving minors on our platform should report it immediately. In cases of exploitation, abuse, or an imminent threat to the safety of a minor, we will notify the proper authorities.

Commercial Sex, Abuse and Exploitation

Our platform forbids sexual exploitation and gender-based violence, covering non-consensual sexual acts, image-based sexual abuse, sextortion, physical abuse, sexual harassment, and conduct involving or supporting human trafficking. The live streaming service also strictly forbids the solicitation or exchange of sex work, escort services, or compensated relationships (“sugar” dating). Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery involving exploitation through fraud, force, or coercion, and it includes various illicit activities like sex and labor trafficking, forced marriage, youth exploitation, and organ trafficking. Additionally, the service prohibits human smuggling, which involves profiting from assisting individuals in illegally entering another country. This encompasses providing services such as transportation, consultation, identity fraud, and travel document forgery. The platform takes a firm stance against animal abuse, cruelty, neglect, trade, or any other forms of animal exploitation.

Prohibited Behaviors: Harassment, Hate Speech, Discrimination, and Bullying

Our goal is to establish a respectful and inclusive environment for streamers and viewers alike. To do that, we strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, hate content, hate speech, and threats targeting individuals or groups. Harassment, bullying, and disrespectful behavior, including unwelcome comments, personal attacks, or sharing sensitive data without consent, are strictly prohibited. Discrimination criteria include factors like caste, ethnicity, national origin, race, religion, tribe, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and serious disease. Any hate content, insults, defamation, or offensive behavior related to these factors is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent service termination.

Driving & Dangerous Activities or Challenges

We strictly prohibit showing or promoting dangerous activities and challenges, including dares, games or tricks that involve risky or dangerous behavior, inappropriate use of dangerous tools, eating substances harmful to one’s health, or any similar activities that may lead to significant physical harm. Content must not depict activities that endanger the life or safety of any person. This includes: – Live streaming while operating a vehicle – Performing dangerous physical stunts, challenges, or other activities – Encouraging others to engage in dangerous activities

Alcohol and Substance Use

Our live streaming service prohibits the use, promotion, or glorification of illegal or restricted drugs and substances. All content related to the production, distribution, or use of such substances is prohibited. Our service also prohibits streaming while intoxicated, engaging in excessive alcohol consumption, and any content that encourages irresponsible alcohol or drug use.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Content promoting self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, or any form of self-injury is strictly prohibited. We do not allow the display, promotion, or sharing of suicide or self-harm plans. Additionally, we prohibit the display or promotion of disordered eating and dangerous weight loss behaviors. In case of imminent threats to human life or serious physical injury, such as revealing plans for self-harm, we may contact local emergency services. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, support is available. Contact a suicide prevention helpline in your region or local emergency services.

Content Integrity: Impersonation, Inauthenticity, and Misinformation

The creation of content with the intent to mislead others by impersonating another individual or organization is strictly prohibited. The live streaming service also prohibits the use of AI-generated content or any other inauthentic content that may mislead or deceive viewers. This includes deep fakes, synthetic media, or other digitally or computer-generated content shared without proper disclosure. Additionally, we do not allow the dissemination of inaccurate, misleading, or false content that may cause significant harm to individuals or society, regardless of intent. The following are not allowed:

  1. Misinformation posing a risk to public safety or inducing panic about a crisis event or emergency.
  2. Medical misinformation, including misleading statements about vaccines and inaccurate medical advice that discourages proper medical care for life-threatening diseases or that undermines well-established scientific consensus.
  3. Dangerous conspiracy theories that are violent or hateful, causing prejudice towards a group or individual with a protected attribute.
  4. Specific conspiracy theories that name and attack individuals or groups of people.
  5. Material that has been edited, spliced, or combined in a way that may mislead a person about real-world events. Spam, illegal website advertising, unauthorized product and service promotions, scams, investment solicitations, phishing, and any content related to illegal drug offerings or advertisements are strictly forbidden.

Use of Copyrighted Material

You are only permitted to stream content that belongs to you. Any use of music, images, videos, movies, or other content owned by someone else without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.

Safeguarding Personal Information

We strictly prohibit content containing personal information that could lead to stalking, violence, phishing, fraud, identity theft, or financial exploitation. This includes personal phone numbers, home addresses, financial details (e.g., bank account and credit card numbers), login information (e.g., usernames and passwords), and identity documentation (e.g., passports, government-issued identifications, and social security numbers). Threats or encouragement to share personal information or access someone’s account are also not allowed. We strongly advise against clicking on suspicious links or responding to requests for account details, passwords, verification qualifications, financial, and other personal information. If you believe your privacy has been violated, please report it.

Off-Service Conduct

We may take action against accounts based on a person’s off-service offenses involving violence, threats of violence, sexual harm, stalking, or criminal conduct if we believe they create a substantial safety risk to the community.

Community Safety and Moderation Enforcement

Our live streaming service utilizes a combination of automated tools and human moderators to uphold these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Users are encouraged to report any content violating our policies, and the moderation team will thoroughly review and take appropriate action, such as content removal, warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent termination of accounts for repeated or severe violations. Consequences may follow for reported off-service offenses, encompassing violence, threats, sexual harm, or criminal conduct, particularly if they pose a significant safety risk to the community. We strive to make our policies as clear and comprehensive as possible, but we may restrict some types of content not explicitly specified in these Community Guidelines if we find that they represent a risk to our community. Any content can be determined as inappropriate in accordance with the SLIDE team’s decision, even if not stated within these guidelines. The SLIDE team reserves the right to modify or remove any content deemed inappropriate.